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In 1991, the Deposit Insurance Fund (FSD) was created and approved by Legislative Decree No. 637, the General Law of Banking, Financial and Insurance Institutions.

Since initiating its activities, the FSD has fulfilled its legal mandate to protect savings, covering the accounts of those people affected by the resolutions of intervention and liquidation of: Peruinvest, Banco Popular, Banco Hipotecario, Banco Republica, Banco Bánex, Banco Orión, Serbanco, Banco Nuevo Mundo, NBK Bank and Banco Latino, and Rural Savings and Credit Unions Valle del Rio Apurimac and Ene, Selva Central and Majes.

As a result of the latest changes in Law No. 26702 (in effect since December 1996) made by amendments Laws Nos. 27008, 27102 and 27331 to Law No. 26702, there have been changes in the nature of the FSD. It has taken on a more flexible role, making itself a private legal entity with new functions and operations that permit it to meet its objectives completely.

In this new role, the FSD will insure maintaining a solid and reliable financial system, using modern mechanisms for coverage of insured deposits and for rehabilitating the entities of the financial system that are its members.