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The following are the resources of the FSD:

These resources are invested according to the investment policy decided on by the Administrative Council. The criteria for investing the resources taking into account security, liquidity, yield and diversification.

The General Law of the Financial and Insurance Systems and Organic Law of the Superintendence (General Law) not allow the FSD from making deposits or investments in entities of the domestic financial system. Likewise not allow the purchasing machinery, equipment or furniture.

The main source of income for the FSD is from the premiums that its members pay within the first ten working days after the end of each quarter.

The quarterly premiums that an organization pays to the FSD are determined by the classification assigned to each by a rating agency by the amount of deposits covered. For each risk category there is an annual premium rate that varies from 0.45% to 1.45%.

The correlation of rate to category for risk classification follows:

0.45% 0.1125%
0.60% 0.1500%
0.95% 0.2375%
1.25% 0.3125%
1.45% 0.3625%

The Premium is calculated by multiplying the quarterly rate that corresponds to each entity by the quarterly average of the deposits and interests covered by the FSD. Payment of premiums is made in the same currency of the deposit that is covered.

In the case that the risk classifier assigns distinct categories to the entities, the category considered for determining the rate of the premium will be the highest risk category assigned.

To verify payment, the members of the FSD should send information regarding deposits and investments covered by the insurance to the SBS and the FSD simultaneously, as prescribed in SBS Resolution No. 0657-99.