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  What is the Deposit Insurance Fund (FSD)?

The FSD is an institution whose task is to safeguard the savings of
depositors from the insolvency of any body of the financial system
that is a member of the FSD

  How FSD protect depositors?
Once an intervention or liquidation of a financial institution member of the FSD by the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs, the FSD pay insurance to depositors equivalent to the amount of the deposit plus accrued interest up to an amount not to exceed the current maximum coverage amount,

How much does the insurance cost to depositors ?

There is no cost for depositors. FSD members pay a quarterly premium for this insurance. .

  Who is protected and what kind of deposits are backed by FSD?

The FSD covers all nominative deposits, under any modality (checking accounts, saving deposits and term deposits) made by individuals and private non-profit entities, as well as deposits in checking accounte of any other juriicasl entities, except deposits from entities that belong to financial system

  Which are the financial institutions the deposits in which are covered?
All financial institutions authorized by the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs to accept deposits from the public must be member of the FSD. Consequntly, FSD members are Banks, Financial Institutions, Municipal Savings & Credit Unions and Rural Savings & Credit Unions